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My husband and I just finished Children of Earth, and good gravy, that was something altogether unexpected. Everyone's been so delightful about not spoiling me, so I'll be equally respectful and keep everything behind a cut.

Discussion and spoilers )

It was a brilliant, thought-provoking, dramatic, and horrifying series.  Just, wow.

ETA: Since I skipped over all of the reaction posts, I'd love to have a few links to your thoughts as well.  :)
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BBC Science News headline: A new species of ghostly carnivorous slug turns up in south Wales.
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This week? Much, much better than last week. Torchwood does creepy fairly well and the episode was visually quite well done. I will take Small Worlds over this episode, though.
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I'm a little delinquent in my Torchwood viewing this week and just watched Something Borrowed.  Other than the trailer from last week, I hadn't seen spoilers.  I have seen above-the-cut reaction from my f-list and see mostly positive reviews, to which I have to ask:

Did we watch the same show?

I've enjoyed series two thoroughly so far but good Lord, that was the most cracktastic episode of science fiction I have seen since Love and Monsters.  That's forty-some minutes of my life I will never, ever get back.  Can I have some retcon, too?

Discussion will likely contain spoilers.

ETA: Upon further reflection, I may have to put it up there with Ice from The X-Files.
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Burn Gorman is fantastic.

I've liked Torchwood a great deal this series -- although to be fair I liked the last series, too.  This one was stellar, and it was mostly Gorman's acting that did it for me.


Feb. 13th, 2008 10:04 pm
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For the record ... I've loved Torchwood so far this series but I was incredibly disappointed in tonight's two episodes.  Not even the appearance of evil!Blythe (i.e. Bryan Dick) in the first one won me over.

I don't have much in the way of commentary for either tonight; I'm going to let them cogitate in my subconscious and see if I like them better after thinking about them for a while.

Hey, it worked with Napoleon Dynamite.
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I had absolutely zero use for Ianto during the first series of Torchwood, and I'm completely turned around on him as of this last episode.  For one, I love a deadpan delivery (see my gigglyfest over Ben's snarking on Lost for evidence) and I certainly got my fair share of that.

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Ahhh, Torchwood.  I'm so happy to have it back.  I needed some good, wholesome crack in my life.  It's even better than Heroes.  I have no appropriate icon, so I'll use David Anders because he's pretty and he can't die, either.

Before I get snarky, let me say that I only snark because I love.  If I didn't enjoy the show, I wouldn't bother watching it. 

Although we'll never see it, I think it would be terribly amusing to see the Doctor meet the Torchwood crew.  "This is what you made in my image?"  Someone needs to write that.  Not me.

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I've seen a lot of Torchwood snarking on my f-list and elsewhere with the imminent release of series two, and I'd like to go on the record as liking the show.  Yes, it was uneven, and no, it wasn't Doctor Who or The X-Files, but it entertained me.  I am looking forward to the premiere so in honor of that, I'm unveiling the brand spanking new Torchwood tag.  Woo-Hoo.

Here's what I want from series two.

  • Owen.  Yes, he is pretty detestable as a human being, but he is a compelling character and I am looking forward to see where they go with him.
  • Jack.  After his reunion with the Doctor and then the Year That Wasn't, how is he doing?
  • Bilis Manger.  He scared the shit out of me.
Most importantly:

  • No more shots of Rhys's butt.  Honestly, with all the pretty people on that show, how is he the one we have to see naked???


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